Friday, August 19, 2011

Albert Aanensen (photographer)

Today Albert Aanensen (photographer) came to room 3 to teach our class about taking photos for a photographic competition. We got to go and take photos. I took one of the sky, when i showed him he said it was wonderful and there was nothing i needed to change.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

My best friend Jessie

My best friend is Jessie.
She goes to Broadlands school in Newzealand too.
She is 10 years old too.
She is very funny and kind.
She plays netball too.
her fav colour is purple.
Her fav singer is Selana Gomez.
her fav animal is cats.
She has 2 cats and 2 dogs.
Here is a link to her blog.

I also have some photos of her and some of me and her.
At the river by Jessie's house!

 mud war at a friends place in 2009

fishing in 2010
Our 10th bday disco that we had together

Our 10th bday disco that we had together


Glitter Text Generator

This is my sparklee, if you want to make one then click on the link below and design your sparklee. Once you are done click creat sparklee then right click on your sparklee that you have created and click copy. Once you are done that then go onto your blog and click new post and then in the bit you type in, right click again and click paste!!! Have fun!!!

click here to design your sparklee

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Cheezel movie

When I went to fiji in June I had to take cheezel who is a class pet. He is from the movie where the wild things are and whenever somebody goes away we get to take the with us and take photos. We went away for a week and Cheezel really enjoyed it!!!! Here is a link to some information about the class pets and below that is the movie I made with the photos i took of Cheezel!

Fun games

If you are bored then come to my blog and you will find the most funnest games!

Twoplayer games and more


playground games

Puke the pirate

coolmath games

Spongebob games


Math Playground

Hope you enjoy!!!

Broadlands black netball team WON!

On saturday the broadlands black team for netball won the trophy B grade section. Which means we have won all our games and now we get the trophy to proove it. The problem is we came tye with another school so now they get it this term and we get it next term. I would like to say thanks to our two netball coaches, Chrissy (charlottes mum) and debbie (Lilly's mum!) I would also like to say thanks to:
and Charlotte for playing in our netball team and helping to win the trophy. You all did your best to earn it and I think We can do it again next year!!!!

Thanks again!

Horrible hide and seek

In the holidays I watched a cool movie called Hide and seek. It was a scary horror movie. I watched it with mum, dad and me. Mikayla had Taylah over for the night and Jordyn was playing in her room. When there was only half an hour left Jordyn came out and watched it but she kept hiding under the blankets. I was so scared because there were heaps of scary bits and heaps of dead people. I was so happy when it finished because it was so scary. I went to bed and went straight to sleep.
The end.